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Boyd Martin

Hello, I’m Boyd Martin, a thriller writer rooted in a legacy of film and storytelling. Born into a family deeply involved in the film industry, I’ve always been immersed in a world where stories unfold in captivating and unexpected ways.

This ingrained passion for narratives evolved over the years, leading me to weave my own tales of suspense and surprise. Today, I use this passion to craft thrillers that delve into the dark and twisting corridors of the human psyche.

My Journey: From Programming and Startups to Thriller Writing

Over the last 15 years, I’ve worn many hats – programmer, startup builder, public speaker, and branding expert. In the fast-paced world of startups, I honed my skills in writing compelling narratives for numerous mobile apps, over 200 of my own included. The ability to quickly switch roles and adapt to various tasks, from coding to copywriting, imbued me with a unique blend of technical proficiency and creative storytelling. All the while, my passion for thriller writing quietly grew, awaiting its turn in the spotlight. That moment has finally arrived.


Diving into the World of Thrillers & Personal Empowerment

While my professional journey has been punctuated by a focus on branding and business growth, my true passion has always been creating thrilling narratives that captivate, terrify, and surprise. I’ve transferred this passion into self-publishing several stories on Amazon, with a roster of thrillers ready to be unveiled shortly. Additionally, I’m crafting books designed to empower personal growth, combining my understanding of business, creativity, and the human spirit.


My Approach to Writing: A Dance of Shadows & Light

In my writing, I strive to expose the dualities that reside within us all—the light and the dark, the good and the evil, the fear and the courage. Every line I write, every character I craft, every plot I weave is meticulously designed to make readers question, feel, and think beyond their expectations.


Beyond Writing: A Lens on Life

When I’m not lost in the world of words, I indulge in my passion for photography. This art form, much like writing, allows me to capture the world from unique perspectives and tell stories through a different lens. These hobbies not only fuel my creativity but also enrich my writing, bringing a distinct depth and nuance to my storytelling.


Embark on the Adventure

To join me on this thrilling journey, to delve into stories that promise to chill and inspire, and to witness a unique blend of business acumen and creative storytelling.